IMVU Gift Card

If you know someone who plays IMVU then an IMVU gift card may be the perfect Christmas gift to give. An IMVU gift card is a prepaid card so when you use the code money is automatically added to your account. You can do many things with an IMVU gift card so it makes it the best gift. Take a look below to see how you can get a card for someone and what you can use them for.

IMVU Gift Card

You can find the IMVU gift card just about anywhere. Many of the big stores will have them in the gaming section of the store. The cards come in $10, $25, and $50 dollar increments. This means that you can buy a car that matches the budget you want to spend on yourself or for someone else.

Click on the IMVU picture below to see how you can get a BONUS Gift when you buy an IMVU Gift Card!
We encourage everyone to purchase IMVU gift cards or prepaid cards even if they are for yourself because you get more for it. When you buy a card you get more credits then you would just purchasing credits on the website.

What Can You Use The IMVU Gift Cards For?

You can use the IMVU cards for many different things. First, you redeem your card on the IMVU for credits. Once you have the credits you can buy a VIP membership with it or even put the credits towards a weeding package.

imvu gift card

Where Can I BUY an IMVU Gift Card?

You can buy a prepaid card in any of you bigger department stores such as Walmart, Target, Family Dollar, Kroger, Best Buy, Blockbuster and many more. Purchase the IMVU gift card today and get a special bonus gift with it from IMVU. Click on one of the IMVU links on this page to get your gift card today!

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  1. Does anybody have a prepaid card that they don’t wanna use? If you do, please send it in a message on IMVU to: xMissLaylaUnicorn. I will repay you with credits I swear I do not lie. But if you don’t, would you be nice enough to send me something on my wish list?

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