IMVU Credits Generator Download

IMVU credits are probably the most important aspect of playing IMVU. Lucky for you we finally have the free IMVU Credits Generator download for you to use so you can get all the free credits that you want. We recommend you to only use this credits generator twice a day so you don’t over do it.

To download the IMVU Credits Generator find the download link below and save it to your computer. Don’t worry this will not cause any harm to your computer as we have the best security software with it. This download works on any type of computer so don’t worry about whether you the software will work on your computer or not.

IMVU Credits Generator Download

The download is free and again uses any type of Operating system including Windows XP, Vista and 7. The IMVU credits generator is very useful for when you have no money on IMVU and you want to purchase new items. All you have to do is download this generator and type in how many credits you want. Your next step is to spend the credits in the game.

Why Do I Need IMVU Credits?

Unless you want to live your IMVU life poorly then you want to have a lot of credits on your account. IMVU credits will allow you to purchase items for your house, new clothes, or any other specialty item of your choice. It will also let you get into those private clubs that you have always wanted to get into.

We hope you enjoy this IMVU credits generator download and have fun spending all your credits throughout the game. Let us know how many credits you got from our software download by leaving a comment below.


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  1. sexythang123bazaar

    hi my name is sexythang123bazaar and i would like to get 300000 credits plz and also a vip pass thank you

    1. heartbrakekid

      i would like 300,000 credits plzz

      1. rick

        my name is DatNi99aJc I would like 900,000 credits plzz

        1. Lindsey

          I need 300,000credits pllllllz for this account LindziXXX and thank you

  2. junior

    Lol nice

    1. dopeniqqqa

      i need a vip pass and 20000k credits plz thank u

    2. stif

      my name is |neoxman| 799999 cr please

  3. eric henry

    this thing really works

  4. xxNaayxxx

    Please I really need some credits help me out please my name is xxNaayxxx

  5. XxNickiiSwaggiexX

    My Name Is XxNickiiSwaggiexX On Imvu And I Would Like 9k Pleaseee

  6. Manu

    My name is xKeepSmilee and i would have 30000 cr. Thank you

  7. gabbie

    hi im gabbie and my imvu name is jazzybabyking and I need 50,000 creds a vip pass please and I have been playin for hours and you never get enouph creds:/ so

  8. gabbie

    I need 50,000 creds imvu user: jazzybabyking

  9. triller7

    i need 20k and a Ap Pass Ty My Account Name is triller7

  10. kerwin123kp

    avatar name kerwin123kp ineed vip pass anf 20000k credits plssss thanku

  11. Guest_DopeRAWRswag

    I can’t find the link to download it.


  12. lovey

    I want 999,999,999 credits and ap and vip

    1. SAMUEL


  13. imabedrockergirl

    thanks, works great

  14. Leigh-rose

    hi my name is: xXFABOOANIMEXx and i need a v.i.p pass ty so so much and if u can (: 4500 four thousand five hundred creds ty (:

  15. nefyu

    hi i want 20,000k my imvu is WizNefyuSwaGG

  16. Austin

    Hello my imvu username is llAustinnll and I would appreciate having at least 300,000cr and if it’s possible, a AP pass too. Please and thank you.

  17. dimytro kennedy

    hi my username is sasukeuchiha123chan id like 300000 credits and name change token pls

  18. daniel

    hi my name is lOBKlxSHAWNxRAW i would like 20000k credits and vip and access pass thank you very much

  19. saracoolbratz5

    i would like 10,000 credits please and share a room package please for today

  20. k

    im libra254 and i need 30k credits and vip please

  21. benjamin

    i cant find the download link would you pls send some credits to benjo612

  22. kingryan123bad

    can i hav 90000 or the max also vip i only have 100 help me out

  23. deeakadenchmandee

    hi I need 20000k and vip thank you

  24. babyvanillacake

    hi,my imvu name is babyvanillacake.
    i would like to have 30000credz pls.

  25. XxLittlefishXx

    hello can i have 100k credits pls?

  26. Bound4Eternity

    hey id love it i atleast got 5,000 credits it would really help out.. please and ty :)

  27. mallmarrr

    hi I need 20000 credits please?

  28. oOAngelTearOo

    my name is oOAngelTearOo i can have 500k credits ? please

  29. chamcham

    myname is JustShutUp please give me a vip pass and 500k pls :)

  30. wetmandaaron

    hi need 20,000 plz

  31. Amani

    My name is Guest_Swavey123xx and i would like 100,000 and i vip pass plzz

  32. aubreyjtay

    Hi, my username on imvu is guest_aubreyjtay and i want to become a vip and get 100,000 credits, plz and ty

  33. fucking

    meu nome la e andretodyf e quero 1000k de creditos por favor eu preciso muito

  34. xEhley

    Hi. My name is xEhley. I need 50,000 credits please.

  35. annie

    i would like 400k and i want ap and vip

  36. barbie

    my name is barbied0ll666 , can i get some credits and a vip ? tnx :)

  37. amanda

    my names amamdelicous and i would like 400k creds please. thank youu <3

  38. laurentziu96

    my name Guest_laurentziu96 i can have 500k credit pls

  39. PikaPikaEverywhere

    Hi my name is PikaPikaEverywhere
    Can I have 50k credits?

  40. PikaPikaEverywhere

    Hi my name is PikaPikaEverywhere and i would like 50k credits.

  41. Kayli3

    My Name Is heyitskayliex and i would like vip and 50,000 plz

  42. BonxBon

    I am BonxBon and I need ap and also 30,000 credits please and thank you

  43. RethaAcutie

    my imvuname: RethaAcutie i can 90,000,000 credits? Please and thank’s =)

  44. RethaAcutie

    my imvuname is RethaAcutie please i can 9,000,000 credits? and thx =*

  45. leslie

    Hey can i have 999,999,999 credits fyi my name on imvi is Thegirluove10

  46. Niki2Nikita

    hello my name is Niki2Nikita can i have 500k credits and acess pass please?

  47. thompsonolive

    my name is thompsonolive i want to know if i can have 9400000000 credits?please……..

  48. thompsonolive

    i want to have 3000000000 credits please

  49. Laura

    Hi my imvu is Laura69Quinn and I would like 5k and vip please

  50. angel

    I want 900kplease my name is guest_angelstarsilverlate

  51. sariaka

    My name is Guest_CaMeRoNxX97 i want to have 700000 credit please and VIP please.

    1. sariaka

      je voudrai 70000000000 credit sil vous palit et etre vip

  52. Feyonea

    i want 900k please. my imvu is Feyonea

  53. Feyonea

    im sorry. my imvu is guest_Feyonea. i want vip and 900k please

  54. youngkidzay

    I would like 50k plzz and VIP pass think u

  55. Young dzay

    I would like a VIP pass and 50k creds. thnx

  56. Стиф

    |NeoxMan| 79,9999 Cr Ако може

    1. Стиф

      imeto mi e |NeoxMan| 79,9999 Cr molq :)

  57. kiontai

    i want 400,000 and i want vip also and my name is sweetdaddymac on imvu

  58. theboss

    i would realy like 900k plz my name is guest_lilpooks

  59. theboss

    plz i would like 900k plz to guest_lilpooks

  60. theboss

    my name is guest _lilpooks i would like 900k and vip and ap

  61. pierre

    Can I Please Have 600k Please, My Name Is guest_pierrewilliams, Thank You

  62. Irisa

    hi my name is Irisa my avatar name is IrisaAura and I’d like 10,000 credits please and thank you

  63. ltllloyd13

    i need 9k please

  64. MrDylanCapone

    username: MrDylanCapone and i want 900,000 credits plz

  65. morre

    username: K11D0D4N i would like 200,000 credits please…thank you

  66. ronnie hill

    idk if this is how it works but may i please get 500,000 credits please? avi name is Shredder13SS

  67. emma

    My name is waalderlate and I would like 3,0000000 credits

  68. alex741x2

    please give me 200 000 credits and VIP, PLZ

  69. Mia

    My imvu name is Guest_reallydoenah an i would like 40,000 credits. Thank you.

  70. Ly

    i really need credits .. username: xPayeTonCoeur i want 200,000 credits please ..

  71. Sammiez

    Hey, my username is: MyNameIzSammiez and i need 300,000 credits please. Maybe even with VIP and AP if possible. Thank you.

  72. Natasha

    Please can I get 9000000000000000 credits please hank u and my username BitchesSayShit2Night

  73. AnaRirin

    Hi, My name is AnaRirin, and i want 900,000 credits.
    Please <3

  74. ajay miller

    u need 99999999999

  75. jermainepinder

    can you give me 30,000 to this account please richgangmmg

  76. Anna torres

    Hi my name on imvu is xf0s and i want 9k please

  77. Alexandra

    Hi I’d like 900,000 credits and my account is youonlyliveonceyoloh. :)

  78. Jatasia

    my name is tasia and my username is luhhrican , my i please have 100,000,000 credits and a vip pass PLEASEEEE and thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. jay

    i want 999k credits please my username is asapboy90azz

  80. jay

    i need vip too

  81. joe

    hey i need 100000 credits plz my is IxXyoungjoeXxI and ap

  82. roberta

    i need 10.000 my name is xxxaistutecx

  83. kelly

    Hi my account is Guest_Eslyia.
    I want 500000 credits please

  84. Meg

    DivaMegs – would like 500,00 please.. ty

  85. Kidking

    Hi. i would like 200k credits and my name is lKidKingl

  86. Sophia

    I need 900,000 credits please. My IMVU username is iiSophiiaaa. Thanks 😀

  87. xAlmightyBreezyx

    Name: xAlmightyBreezyx
    Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!


    HI my name is fardeen sairally i want 999999999999 credit in IMVU
    Please :) :)

  89. Travis

    Hey, my username is: iiLastTruKing and i need 300,000 credits please Thank you.

  90. Furrycrazzyxox

    Can I please have credits and a VIP please ?..
    My username : furrycrazzyxox

  91. Jeni

    Hola mi nombre es JenipherFox me puedes dan 300.000 porfa si :3

  92. Sarah

    Avitars name is BlissfulSinlessNight please can I have 50,000 creds

  93. SAlice

    Please give me 50,000 credits, please. My name satanistc .

  94. SavageThaKidd

    Hi I Need 200,000 credits To Imvu account SavageThaKidd plz help me im broke

  95. SavageThaKidd

    I would also like AP and VIP PLZ Thank YOU

  96. Dragon

    I would like to have more credits but i cant buy them, i still cant have my own credit card and with phone i cant buy because of the country where i live. I want to have at least 300.000 credits and VIP. That would be enought for me. My username: DragonarR
    Thank you!

  97. Sweetheart16ferrum

    hello im sweetheart16ferrum can i got 2000000k plzzzzzz ive been a member for a year and i deserve a reward

  98. BlackRose1324

    My names BlackRose1324 and I would like 50000000k credits please.

  99. Shift

    Hello, I need 300,000 Credits. My username is PayeTonFlop. Thank you if you send them to me.

  100. Monica

    >I need 50,000 credits to have everything I wanted on imvu. If you are going, I will be verry happy. My name is o0oSiLeNtSoUnDo0o on imvu I beg. Thanks! <

  101. devin

    Hi I Need 200.000 credit my name= xXxIEdiBoneXIxXx

  102. Cookie

    i need 100,00 credits please to my imvu account.my name is Whitechoclatecookie. im really poor.

  103. SatanistaBoss

    900,000 credits plzz

  104. kai

    hi my name is XxVIP3ZxX I would like 1000k credits please thankyou :)

  105. passy pop

    my name is passy pop i neeed 500.000 credits please

  106. XxDeadlyEmoSoulxX

    i rlly need at least 7,000 credits + vip! username is: XxDeadlyEmoSoulxX thankyou soo much!!

  107. Wolfeen


    I need 50,000 credits and VIP ..i’m broke and it feels annoying to not be able to buy good clothes.
    So please 😀 pweaaase
    My username is Wolfeen 😀

  108. Cookie

    I need 80,000 credits i’m broke i hate no having good clothes sooo please please.My username is Whitechoclatecookie

  109. Ariana

    Hi my name is Ariana235 and I need 900k credits and i also need ap

  110. zhyskiah

    Hello i need 700000 credits if this is the place to get them sent to me thank you for your time.

  111. zhyskiah

    my user name is zhyskiah sorry for sending the same message twice

  112. leslie

    I Would Like 20,000 Please Or 15,000 I User; Thegirlulove11

  113. oORebeccaYoBaeOo

    my IMVU name is oORebeccaYoBaeOo and i would like 300k

  114. oORebeccaYoBaeOo

    again sorry, i would like AP, 999k credits, shared room package, badge canvas,verify your age,marriage package and a chatroom slot

  115. Lynn

    I would like 100,000 credits and my imvu name is Zarlynn

  116. TaraMendelez

    Hi my name is TaraMendelez on imvu i would have 999999999999999999999 credits and i would VIP and AP pleasseeee , thanck you for this :)

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