IMVU Coupon Codes

Many people are asking about IMUV coupon codes so we have made this page for you to get different coupon codes for IMVU. Many coupon codes have expired; however, there are a couple that are still active. You can only use each IMVU coupon code once per account so don’t try to use the same codes more than once.

These codes are mostly the same thing; however, there are different codes to type in and to try to use it. If one doesn’t work for you try the next code and see if it works for your account.

IMVU Coupon codes

I have listed many IMVU coupon codes below for you to check out and try to use. Let us know how your experience went with using these codes.


Save $10 on a $50 dollar Order.


Date: Ends 9/27/13



Save $30 off of a $60 purchase or more




Save $10 off any $50 purchase!


Date: Ends 9/24/13



Save $10 off a $50 purchase.


Date: Ends 9/27/13


Here are four IMVU coupon codes that we have provided you with to use on any purchase. We recommend using these coupon codes if you are trying to buy anything at IMVU for over 50 dollars. With these codes you are getting between a 20 percent and 50 percent discount. Again, you can only use these IMVU coupon codes once but make sure to keep checking back as we are always updating our page with new coupon codes. We hope these codes have helped. Please share with us your experience with these codes by leaving a comment in the box below. Let us know if the IMVU codes still work or not. If they don’t we will take them off.


  1. hello thank you for making this wonderful site but i just tried your coupon code cheat and imvu told me i must have $0.02 to do that please help me

  2. Please update your codes by the way I love your website it helped me alot

  3. i want coupon code for 2014 please!!!!

  4. 71G9GCTBY1 Save $20 off any purchase of $50 or more

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