How To Get Free Credits On IMVU

how to get free credits on imvuIMVU credits is the main currency on IMVU and we are going to tell you how to get free credits on IMVU. Without credits you really can’t do anything on IMVU just like in real life. In real life you need money in order to buy and do things. Well, that is the same for this online virtual game. In order to purchase items from the store you need to have IMVU credits. Lucky for you, IMVU makes it easy for you to get free credits and we are here to show you how to get free credits on IMVU.

How To Get Free Credits On IMVU

As we said, IMVU makes it easy to get free credits. There are many options you can choose from if you are interested in recieving more credits for your account. All you have to do is complete an offer from one of IMVU’s partners and you will recieve credits. Pleast note that offers are always changing so if you don’t see something that you like right away check back and see if something new has came up.

The first option you have is to watch a short video. The offer is ten credits per video; however, they are not very long. Watching ten videos will get you 100 credits. We all know surveys can be a waste of time; however, IMVU offers a great opportunity for you to collect 1,000 credits per survey. The surveys are not that long and you recieve a lot of credits for just five minutes of your time. One of the easiest things you can do is simply download the IMVU toolbar to your browser. This is very quick and easy to do and just for downloading it you will get 1000 free credits on IMVU.

If you don’t like any of these ideas and are still looking for other ways on how to get free credits on IMVU than we have the best one for you yet. IMVU is now giving you the chance to participate in a IMVU feeback program. However, not everyon gets selected but if you are interested then fill out the short survey to enter the drawing. The players who are selected get up to 10,000 free credits on IMVU for simply giving feedback. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get more credits.

Have you verified your email yet? If you haven’t verified your email yet than you are missing out on 500 free credits. Yes, thats right, you get 500 free credits by verifying your email with IMVU.

There are many other ways on how to get free credits on IMVU but these are the easiest and most popular ones to choose from. If you don’t like any of these┬áthen check out the rest at IMVU. If you have done some of these please share with us your thoughts of the offer by leaving a comment below.


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  1. I would like to join you’re imvu program and I have good ideas and I could help a lot plz let me join its not because I want the 10,000 credits its just because I like helping and if you let me join and ive me 10,000 credits that will be a pleasure to help you guys.

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