Free IMVU Credits 2014

Every one has been asking our team on how to get FREE IMVU credits. Well, today you are in luck because we are going to share with you how exactly you can get free IMVU credits to spend on the game. Getting credits is essential for this game because with out it you can’t buy any items. It’s like living in the real world without any money in the bank. It simply sucks!

Free IMVU Credits

If you don’t want to spend money on IMVU don’t worry because there is a simple way to get FREE IMVU credits and it doesn’t require much of your time. To earn free IMVU credits click on the credits tab arrow on your home account page. Under the tab it will list your options. Click on the one you would like to do. The easiest to earn credits is to watch a short video from one of the advertisers.

We have found that some other offers such as surveys and downloading different programs don’t always give you the points. Sometimes, they ask you to do more things or they simply send a message saying “sorry this offer doesn’t work”.

Even though some offers don’t work there are still many things you can do to get more free IMVU credits. You can complete a survey if you want. Surveys are a way to get a lot of credits but some surveys take a while to complete and it can take hours to receive free IMVU credits.

imvu toolbar - free imvu credits

Another way to get free IMVU credits is to download the IMVU toolbar on your computer. The toolbar is a nice feature to have because you can search anything right from it. The IMVU toolbar uses the Bing search engine to search online. You can also sign in to IMVU right form the toolbar. For every month that you keep the IMVU toolbar you will get an additional 300 IMVU credits.

Competing in a IMVU user research study will also give you a lot of points. By participating in the IMVU user research study you could earn up to 10,000 credits. To apply for this you must fill out a small survey at IMVU first then IMVU will decide to choose you as a participant or not.

Have you opted in to get IMVU newsletters yet? If you haven’t you could right now to get 500 free credits to use while playing. When you opt in to the newsletters you are letting other users members as well as IMVU promotions and news send you emails.

free imvu credits

If you want another 500 credits download the free IMVU 2Go mobile app and send your first message from your phone. The app lets you play IMVU from your phone or other small device for free. If you join the social network MeetMe you will also get another 500 credits. So if you are single and want to meet another user then check out the social network. You may just find your perfect match!

If you love playing IMVU then you may enjoy reviewing their new 3D products that they come out with. Before the new IMVU products can be put in the catelog they need to be reviewed by IMVU users like yourself. If you want to review products then check out this offer to get 500 more credits.

If you would like to get some easy free IMVU credits then make sure you are logging in every day. If you play IMVU daily they will give you free IMVU credits. SO even if you can’t play for very long, just take a minute to sign into your IMVU account to get the free credits.

We hope we have helped you find some easy ways to get free IMVU credits to spend while playing the game. Let us know what offer is your favorite and how long it took to get the IMVU credits into your account. Make sure to like our Facebook page, Twitter page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win Free IMVU prizes.


  1. Tidak mendapat Credit 1000 , sudah menginstal toolbar

  2. I would like to know if there are coming any more games, anytime soon? Could you otherwise make some mini games were you could earn credits?

  3. wow that easy i love it
    but i want the 1 question, how to invite my 2 friends at the other room or my room?

  4. How do you use this?

  5. this game is fun

  6. i need free money so i was thinking$ 1000,0000

  7. want it now

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