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You can now learn how to get free IMVU badges when you play IMVU. Getting free IMVU badges is a major part of playing the IMVU game and you can now be part of the badge collectors. We will be honest, its not always as easy as it looks but with our hints you will have an easier time to collect badges. The best way on how to get free IMVU badges is to ask the person who created it.

However, this is the interesting part of it. You can’t always see who created the badge but some creators will leave clues on how to collect that badge. To find the clues to the badge simply click on the badge itself and see if there are instructions on it. Below are many differnt ideas on how to get free IMVU badges while playing if asking doesn’t work.

How To Get Free IMVU Badges

  • Be friendly and curtious. By being friendly people may just give you a badge because you have been so nice to them.
  •  Don’t expect anything! If you are just trying to be someones friend to get a badge it won’t work. People know when you are acting fake.
  • Be prepared to give something back. If you want a badge you should find something you can give back to the person!
  • If the badge is non-requestable, respect their rule and don’t press the issue button. This is where you should start a friendship with them and perhaps they may give you a badge at some point.
  • If someone creates a mystery badge and you have discovered who it is, dont give the person’s name away. Instead thank them and let them know you figured it out and won’t tell anyone! You may just get another one.
  • Networking is a big plus. Join different groups and meet new friends. You will receive more badges this way than any other way on IMVU.
  • Once you reach your 100 badges, trade with people and get different ones. People enjoy trading on IMVU to get Free IMVU badges and it also establishes relationships!

These are seven different ways on how to get free IMVU badges while playing the game. There are several sites out there that claim to have a list of different accounts that give away free badges; however, we have found that these are spam sites and have told people to stay away from them. Enter them at your own risk. If you have any other ideas that have helped you earn free IMVU badges then please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.


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